Join Our Team

At BayFlower Moving Group, we are continuously seeking dedicated, talented individuals to become part of our exceptional team. If you’re passionate about assisting others in their moving journey and wish to contribute to the ongoing success of our services in Brandon, FL, we encourage you to share your resume with us.

Robert “Rob” Baywater
Founder & CEO

Established by Robert “Rob” Baywater with just a single moving truck, BayFlower Moving Group emerged from a steadfast belief that the moving process can be done better. Rob’s dedication to delivering top-notch service transformed a humble start-up into a leading moving service in Brandon, Florida, and the greater region, trusted by clients for the past two decades.

Linda Matthews
Director of Marketing

Linda Matthews plays an instrumental role in carving out strategic partnerships and acquiring new clientele for BayFlower Moving Group. As the driving force behind our marketing efforts, she injects each campaign with a fusion of creativity and deep industry insight.

Alex Thornton
Senior Sales Manager

Alex Thornton oversees all facets of our sales strategies, ranging from nurturing customer relationships to fostering our sales team’s development. Armed with over a decade of industry experience, his steadfast commitment and knowledge are key to our sustained growth.

Mark Harrison
Operations Manager

Mark Harrison is at the helm of our moving operations, ensuring their smooth execution. Thanks to his diligent planning and attention to detail, we consistently uphold our promise of delivering stress-free, seamless moves to our clients.

Rebecca “Becky” Sullivan
Chief Financial Officer

Rebecca “Becky” Sullivan is the financial powerhouse of BayFlower Moving Group. With her extensive experience and financial acumen, she ensures our company’s financial stability, paving the way for continuous success and steady growth.

Chloe Carter
Customer Service Manager

Chloe Carter leads our dedicated customer service team, constantly striving to ensure each client enjoys a satisfactory moving experience. She empathizes with the pressures of relocation and works relentlessly to alleviate the stress, making the transition as smooth as possible for our customers.

Mike Andrews
Senior Mover

A veteran mover, Mike Andrews has been with BayFlower Moving Group since our earliest days. His wealth of experience, dedication to his role, and impeccable punctuality have earned him high praise from both customers and team members.

Alamin Morshed

A master of words, Alamin brings the stories of BayFlower Moving Group to life through his engaging blog posts. He ensures that our tales of exceptional service and client experiences reach the widest audience possible. Alamin’s captivating storytelling makes our blog a go-to resource for those seeking insight into the moving industry.