Military Move

Military Move

Military customers are among our highest regard! You protect our country, and BayFlower Moving Group protects your personal belongings when moving. We try our hardest to give our military special rates and discounts. Over the years we have earned our right to be one of the trusted carriers for all military branches.
Make sure if you are military to let your moving consultant know, so we can give you our special military discounts! Thank you from BayFlower Moving Group for serving our country!

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Steps For Successful Military Move

Check to make sure they have a high letter rating on the BBB better business bureau and also check the government website to make sure they own their own trucks
Check our checklist for your move and steps for success in order to get well prepared.
Before you “green light” your delivery for the movers make sure your building, your house of any other facility is ready to accept your shipment.