Moving Your Wine

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For any sommelier or casual sipper alike, your wine is important to you. When moving your wine, it’s important to know the appropriate way it should be handled during transport. By moving your wine properly, the wine will be protected, and you can enjoy it in your new residence.
Wine collections can represent a sizable investment. You need to decide first, what the total value of the collection is now. Once that is complete, you can decide whether to ship it with a professional household goods moving service provider in one of their traditional moving trailers, or on a climate controlled vehicle.

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Moving is stressful enough, but moving without any guidance makes it much more difficult! Here at BayFlower Moving Group we take pride in our assigned consultant policies. Your own personal consultant will be assigned to oversee every step of your move. Any questions, concerns, or changes will be all handled by your assigned moving consultant. This helps customers feel more comfortable throughout the moving process. There is nothing more aggravating while trying to get simple answers then getting transferred to someone that knows nothing about your situation. We care greatly about our reputation, and will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. Let us know how we did!

Understand the value of your collection

Your high-value collection should have a professional appraisal completed prior to moving your wine. The best way to locate an appraiser is to contact a local, fine wine distributor or shop. They should be able to assist you in your efforts to locate someone. If you have a manageable collection, it is recommended to move the wine in your car. This will allow you to control the temperature.

Wine Moving Tips: Packing

Special care will be taken to protect the wine when packing. Professional movers are qualified to correctly pack the bottles. If you are packing the wine yourself, you may want to give some consideration to obtaining the wine packing boxes that are used to transport wine by the case on a commercial airline. These are made of Styrofoam or corrugated cardboard and protect the bottles well. You can purchase them at stores that sell wine in your area. * Remember to pack the wine on its side as it would be stored in your home. Even if extreme care has been used in packing and transporting, bottle shock may occur. The wine will shake within the bottle as it is moved. If opened too soon, a loss if flavor may result. Allow the bottles to sit for 7 days prior to opening.
BayFlower Moving Group has put together these wine moving tips to aid you when transporting your bottles during a move. Moving your wine – either by yourself or with the help of professionals – should be approached with caution. To preserve the sanctity of the bottles while moving your wine, it is important to heed the previous wine moving tips. Whether wine is your passion or just a pastime, you wine collection is important, and so is moving your wine with care.