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BayFlower Moving Group wants to help you to start preparing early for your move with our moving checklist. It's never too soon to begin planning for a move, and veteran movers have found that a comprehensive moving timeline and checklist is the best way to ensure a smooth relocation. Our moving checklist and timeline is also a great way to involve the entire family in the move and to spread some of the responsibilities to each person, including your children.

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Moving is stressful enough, but moving without any guidance makes it much more difficult! Here at BayFlower Moving Group we take pride in our assigned consultant policies. Your own personal consultant will be assigned to oversee every step of your move. Any questions, concerns, or changes will be all handled by your assigned moving consultant. This helps customers feel more comfortable throughout the moving process. There is nothing more aggravating while trying to get simple answers then getting transferred to someone that knows nothing about your situation. We care greatly about our reputation, and will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. Let us know how we did!

Timeline for Moving: Eight Weeks before Move

Timeline for Moving: Six Weeks before Move

Timeline for Moving: Four Weeks before Move

Timeline for Moving: Three Weeks before Move

Timeline for Moving: Two Weeks before Move

Timeline for Moving: One Week before Move

Two to Three Days before the Move

Timeline for Moving: Moving day